Amin Khoury About Me

Do you love your smartphone? Do you find that you can’t live without your tablet or your fitness and food tracker apps? I can’t either and that is why I built this website; so that you can stay up to date and learn about all of the fun technology that is available to you.

Are you clueless about the big world of technology out there? Wanting to do more with your mobile devices and social media, either personally or with your business? Afraid that you are going to lose all of your files in a hard drive crash, or even wonder where all of your files are because they are completely unorganized? Are you confused about how to even get your smartphone setup? Then this is the place for you as well.

Technology is something that you should easily be able to integrate into your personal life or business. Here you will find educational articles, tutorials, product reviews, lists of my favorite apps and why I use them, guest posts by experts, and much more. Welcome and thank you for visiting!

My name is Amin Khoury and I live in the Pacific Northwest in the beautiful city of Bend, Oregon. From a young age I knew that I would find myself in some sort of a career having to do with technology because of my passion for gaming, computers, website design, and mobile devices. I use technology in every aspect of my life; home, work, outdoor activities, and travel. I am never without at least my smartphone; my whole life is organized on it through a series of apps and services. While I am primarily an Apple loving guy in my personal life, I use multiple platforms in my professional life.

I double-majored in business and accounting because, in addition to being a tech geek, I’m a business nerd. After getting those degrees, I decided to add on. I enrolled in a Portland-area IT program and got some expertise in programming and comp science. I initially worked with a major consulting group and then left to start my own business so that I could be free to pursue my life passions in addition to my career.

As a technology consultant, my primary desire is to help individuals and businesses competently use the most up to date technology to its fullest potential. The services I provide include, but are not limited to, business website design and branding, training in intra-office networking, and using social media for marketing purposes. While most people of my generation have grown up using mobile devices and the Internet, there are many out there who did not. I strive to help those groups navigate this area with confidence. I also offer training to people who wish to learn more about using technology in their personal life. Maybe you want to start a family blog or learn how to use your smartphone camera to post pictures on Instagram and Facebook. I can help!

My greatest personal passion is traveling. My wife and I were married in 2010 and together we enjoy exploring the world. We have traveled throughout most of the United States as well as abroad. Some of the most memorable places we have been to include Machu Picchu in Peru, the Swiss Alps, and Iceland. We also enjoy hiking, camping, kayaking, and skiing. Living in the Pacific Northwest area definitely has its benefits for outdoor enthusiasts like us. Thanks to my personal consulting business, we are able to make time for almost any adventure.

Whatever it is that initially brought you to my website, I hope you found what you were looking for and that you will visit again. In order to be sure to never miss out on the new information that I am posting regularly, I can be followed on Facebook, Twitter, Google, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Please feel free to subscribe to my feed and contact me for any additional questions. There are plenty of free tutorials and frequently asked questions on here, but if you are still in need of help, that is what I am here for.

Additionally, please contact me if you are interested in submitting a guest post of your own or if you would like for me to consider reviewing your product.